Drafthouse Select: Flamme Rouge

On this episode of Drafthouse Select, Jena and Erica pedal to the finish in Stronghold Game’s bicycle racer, Flamme Rouge. See if they can navigate the twist and turns of this split deck, hand management game. Drafthouse Select is board game review show for beginners, by beginners.

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Hey That's My Fish! Featured Image.

Drafthouse Select: Hey That’s My Fish!

On this episode of Drafthouse Select, Jena and Erica discuss Fantasy Flight’s Hey That’s My Fish! Hey, That’s My Fish is a game about fish that were yours, and the anger you feel when they’re taken from you. It’s quick and clever, but is it a little too mean for new players? Find out on this weeks Drafthouse Select.
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Drafthouse Select Sushi Go

Drafthouse Select: Sushi Go Party!

On this weeks episode of Drafthouse Select, Erica reviews Sushi Go Party! from Gamewright. Sushi Go Party! is a game about a party where you take all the best sushi from your friends, so that you might claim victory over their emaciated corpses.

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Drafthouse Select Deep Sea Adventure Featured Image

Drafthouse Select: Deep Sea Adventure

On this weeks episode of Drafthouse Select Erica and Jena discuss Deep Sea Adventure, published by the fine purveyor of very small boxes, Oink Games. It’s a push your luck game about your friends inability to gauge their own capabilities, and the ways that could get you drowned. It’s pretty high on our top 100, so you know the veteran nerds that run the site like it, but how does it play with new folks? We put it to the test on Drafthouse Selects, a board game review show for beginners, by beginners. Continue reading

Drafthouse Select Dead of Winter Feature Image

Drafthouse Select: Dead Of Winter

On this episode of Drafthouse Select, Erica reviews Dead of Winter from Plaid Hat Games. Dead of Winter is a cooperative game that lets you live out a zombie apocalypse nightmare and/or fantasy from the safety of your very own kitchen. Don’t get too comfortable though, because someone might be a hidden traitor. It’s one of the best reviewed board games ever made, and it always clocks in high on our top 100. You know it’s good, but is it good for beginners? Continue reading

Ice Cool Featured Image

Drafthouse Select: Ice Cool

On today’s episode of Drafthouse Select, Erica and Jena discuss Ice Cool from Brain Games Publishing. Ice Cool is a dexterity game about precision flicking and penguin juvenile delinquency. More importantly, the box is the game. How is that possible? Is it a good beginner game? Did you realize “Ice Cool” sounds like “high school” when you say it aloud? Check the video for answers. (Maybe). Continue reading

The Future of Gaming Live! Waterworks!

Drafthouse Games is proud to present archival footage of the earliest known board game review show: The Future of Gaming Live! Originally broadcast on Alameda County public access television, the Future of Gaming Live starred local talent Pepper Johnson and Dawn McKnight. Pepper Johnson and Dawn McKnight are well known for there starring roles in “Campfire Nightmares 6,7,11, and 17.” But before the fortune and fandom, they took to the public access airwaves to bring the people of Alameda County the latest news in board games, as well as running the infamous “Pirate Gaming Radio” on CV radio channel 19, on Thursday nights from 1974-1979. Continue reading