Drafthouse Selects Barenpark

Drafthouse Select: Bärenpark

On todays episode of Drafthouse Select, Erica and Jena discuss Mayfair Games Bärenpark. Bärenpark is a game about arranging tiles and, as you may have guessed, building the best bear park. You can also put Koalas in your park. They’re not really bears, but they are adorable, so we’ll let it slide…

This time.

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Drafthouse Select Fuse Featured Image

Drafthouse Select: Fuse

On the second episode of Drafthouse Select, Erica reviews Fuse from Renegade Games. Fuse is a lightning fast cooperative game about rolling dice and diffusing bombs. But you have to move fast, because the clock is ticking. It’s loud, frantic and over in an instant, but is it fun? Erica gives us the beginners perspective on this weeks Drafthouse Select. Continue reading

Future of Gameing Live Episode 1

The Future of Gaming Live! Payday!

Drafthouse Games is proud to present archival footage of the earliest known board game review show: The Future of Gaming Live! Originally broadcast on Alameda County public access television, the Future of Gaming Live starred local talent Pepper Johnson and Dawn McKnight. Pepper and Dawn soon became famous for their starring roles in Campfire Nightmares 6, 7, 11, and 17. But, before the fortune and fandom, they took to the airwaves and brought the people of Alameda County the latest news in board games. Continue reading

Drafthouse Select Click Clack Lumberjack

Drafthouse Select: Click Clack Lumberjack

Welcome to the very first episode of Drafthouse Select, a board game review show by beginners, for beginners. Erica and Jena keep things light for our first week, and play the family friendly dexterity game Click Clack Lumberjack. Is it easy going fun, or a little too simple for the fully grown and mostly sober? Continue reading